Sustainability is an obvious part of Hayven's philosophy. Selling furnishings that invite consumption, while not wanting to negatively affect our environment is a challenge we try to tackle by making good and conscious choices in everything we do.

We choose our products with care and ensure that what we sell is made from natural materials, alternatively from recycled materials to the greatest extent possible. For us, sustainability is not only what a product is made of, but much more. We care about craftsmanship, about giving vulnerable women a job opportunity and we want to offer products that last over time. We are passionate about recycling and seeing the beauty in something that is not perfect - in our way a protest against 'wear and tear'. To the absolute greatest extent possible, we opt out of plastic in our deliveries and although we would like to deliver a nicely packaged item to our customers' homes, we reuse all packaging material that goes, to minimize our environmental impact.