At Hayven, you can always feel that you are paying safely, simply & conveniently!  

We offer payment by  Visa and Mastercard and Klarna where available. At Klarna you can choose to pay by invoice, account, partial payment, card and with your Internet bank via Klarna Checkout. 

The first time you shop via Klarna, you must key in all your information, then Klarna recognizes you (regardless of whether you shopped at Hayven before or in another shop that has a Klarna checkout). At the next purchase at the checkout, you just key in your e-mail and your postcode and Klarna automatically fills in your details at the checkout.  

The invoice will be sent to you via email. If you have received your goods but are missing the invoice, please contact Klarna's customer service +46 (0)8 – 120 120 10, and Klarna will send a new invoice. You automatically have 14 days to pay from the time the goods are sent from Hayven. You can bring forward the due date on your original invoice by 10 days with Klarna. You log on to Klarna's website and fill in the invoice's OCR / invoice number and your social security number. 

Partial payment 
With Klarna installments, you choose how much you pay each month. If you have shopped in several different stores with Klarna Partial Payment/Klarna Konto, your purchases are collected on one and the same invoice. You will receive an account agreement sent home, after which your first invoice will be sent to you. You pay it at the end of the following month, e.g. shop in January, pay at the end of February. After that, your next invoices with payment terms will arrive at the end of each month. You can control how much you want to pay on your invoice. On your account invoice under the line "Pay the lowest" you will find the lowest amount you can pay. If you would like to pay the entire amount at once, that is perfectly fine. Your account with Klarna will then be closed automatically. 

Klarna Account 
With Klarna Konto you collect all your purchases on a single consolidated invoice. The first account invoice is sent to you via post the month after you make your purchase. Incoming account invoices are always sent in the middle of the month with a due date at the end between the 28th and the 30th. With a Klarna account, you can also pay for your purchases in installments over 3, 6, 12, 24 or 36 months. Our Klarna Account also includes our promotions (e.g. "Buy now - Pay in February"). By choosing a campaign, you can postpone your payment and then pay the full amount when you receive the invoice for the month you selected. 

All campaigns are completely interest-free and the only cost added to this option is a fee of SEK 29.00. 

If you decide to return all or part of your order, you must of course not pay for these goods. By logging in to Klarna's website, you can advance the due date of the invoice by ten days, so that Hayven has time to receive the return and register it. There you can also check when the return has been registered by downloading an updated version of your invoice. You log in by filling in your OCR / Invoice number and social security number. Should the return not have been registered when the new due date approaches, we ask you to contact Klarna's customer service +46 (0)8 – 120 120 10, and they will help further. 

Card payment 
You can also choose to pay by card via Klarna Checkout. You can choose between VISA and Mastercard. 

Direct payment/Internet payment 
Direct payment is a payment option where you as a customer are sent to your bank's login page. Here, verification is required in the usual way. Details about the payee and amount are already filled in and you just choose which account to make the payment and then approve it. Direct payment works for those who have internet banking at Handelsbanken, Nordea, SEB or Swedbank. 

My invoice upon return 
Log in to "My pages" at Klarna. When you have made a return, you correct the amount on the invoice yourself and pay only for the goods you have chosen to keep. No updated invoice is sent when the return has been registered. If you will be refunded for goods you have sent back, an automatic refund email will be sent to you and in this you will then fill in your refund details via Klarna's form together with the associated case number. At the longest, it can take up to 15 days before the money appears in your account again. 

Can I bring forward the due date on my original invoice? 
It is fine to advance the due date on your original invoice by ten days when you shopped through Klarna invoice. You can easily extend the due date by logging in via Klarna's website. You can log in by filling in the invoice's OCR / Invoice number and your social security number.