Pot outdoor 'Skåne' (M)

499 kr

Update the patio with this stylish terracotta colored planter. The stylish design and its natural color make it a perfect match with many different types of outdoor plants.

The pot is made from a mixture of clay and fibreglass. This microcement gives a modern and industrial feel. The pots have holes in the bottom so that excess water flows out and creates a good environment for the plant. Advantageously place play balls in the bottom.

The pot is not frost-proof. Water that freezes expands, which in the worst case can lead to the pot cracking. In winter, the pot should therefore be placed in a frost-free room, for example in a shed or a garage. If the idea is for the plants to overwinter in the pot, it should be further insulated with, for example, bubble wrap, straw or a pot cover. For indoor use, the pot should be placed on a plate to avoid moisture damage or unsightly marks on the surface.

Over time, the surface can attract moss and other coatings. If you prefer to keep your pots in new condition, you can scrub them with a root brush and soapy water.

Dimensions approx. Ø 40cm H 42cm
Material fiber concrete
Tray not includedMade in China