Spillkum bowl 'Nesting' (large)

695 kr

A classic shape of nesting bowl in larger size, bowl with spouts in a coarse beige clay and with a glossy white glaze on the inside. The bowl fit well in the kitchen both as a whisk bowl, salad bowl or perhaps as a fruit bowl that stands in front of a table.
The bowl comes in three different sizes.

A few words from Maria Richardsson;
"I like when you see the colors and textures of the different clays, and love the contrast between raw clay and glossy glaze. You have to see that it is not perfect. The glaze may have run or splattered a bit when glazing, but that makes it vibrant. It is handmade, perhaps with a slight unevenness or skew. Just a little, so that it doesn't disturb. from "

Large: ca Ø 22 cm, 9 cm hög.
Thrown in stoneware.
Dishwasher and microwave safe.
Made in Sweden by Maria Richardsson Studio Latitud